Nowadays, more and more companies are paying attention to the importance of day porter
services in their daily life, especially during the COVID-19. Because an excellent daily porter service not only shows the employer’s responsible attitude towards employees’ health, but also a tidy working environment can help establish a good impression of the company.

What is the difference between the range of services offered by daily porter and night cleaning
teams? And how do daily porters become the hidden guardians of the business? This post will
give you an overview of the main functions of daily porter services and how customary porters are
now an integral part of the cleaning industry.

Day porters, also known as janitors or daycare workers, are primarily responsible for cleaning
related duties and are stationed in commercial buildings to assist in the daily maintenance and
work of the facility. These duties include these components and also depend on your needs:
overseeing common areas, fixing restrooms, replenishing expendable paper/soap supplies,
overseeing entryways, changing light bulbs, removing trash and debris from entryways and
parking lots, cleaning common areas, eliminating or warning of safety hazards such as wet
floors, completing special detail cleaning, and cleaning and preparing meeting rooms before
VIP visits and after meetings. Day porters perform a range of duties depending on the facility
they are servicing.

  1. Improve the image of facilities
    Porters are the hidden guardians of facility maintenance, not only helping to inspect hard-to-see
    corners during cleaning and ensuring that no safety incidents occur during facility maintenance. Another critical point is that people’s first impression of a company often comes from cleanliness. According to a survey, 70% of the population believes that a clean and tidy environment of a company will significantly enhance people’s trust in the company, and a day porter can help keep the internal environment of a company clean 24 hours a day and enhance the image of the company.

  2. Professional customization service
    Day porters can provide your business with a flexible and customizable service. They can not
    only fill in the gaps that are not visible during nighttime cleaning, but they can also create the
    right solution for your business facilities. Day porters have a lot of working experience with
    different businesses, so there is no need to worry about their professionalism; they can provide
    all the help you need during your busy times. For example, Suppose you have a pantry that has accumulated a lot of hard-to-remove stains over the years, and it isn’t easy to guarantee that a regular cleaning service can focus on this area. In that case, this is the time for a day porter to come in. Another example is when you have an impromptu meeting that needs to be held, and you need to move a lot of heavy items to the conference room in a short period; a day porter can also help you with this part your troubles.

Avoiding accidents
As an employer, personal safety is always a company’s first concern. There are often hidden safety hazards within a company’s facilities that only a professional could easily miss if it were a regular cleaning service. A day porter can help employers eliminate concerns about safety hazards, whether it’s a leak in the facility or an accidentally spilled coffee or drink, a day porter can not only help keep people away from these slippery areas in the first place but can also help employers clean the area thoroughly. Also, companies may encounter unexpected situations where they need to move heavy objects, such as glass or boxes, and relying on in-house personnel to perform such dangerous operations can easily create safety issues. Sometimes the accidental dropping of some fragile items can make an even more significant safety hazard. Still, daytime porter services can address these issues comprehensively and help companies create an office environment where they don’t have to worry about safety issues.

Employee Health Management
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more companies have included
disinfection cleaning in their daily itinerary for their corporate office environment, but ordinary
disinfection cleaning is not good enough to avoid the spread of the virus, and it isn’t accessible to
avoid the risk of transmission due to high foot traffic during the daytime if you only have in-
house cleaning staff or nighttime cleaning after corporate office hours. Daytime cleaning
services have a lot of experience in cleaning, so you can designate them to clean in areas with
high traffic frequency to ensure that there is no risk of transmission in that area, and you can
also, entrust daytime cleaners to disinfect with different cleaning materials, such as green
disinfection that is not harmful to the environment, which can also reduce the potential risk of
harming humans due to chemicals that disinfect too often. At the same time, a clean and tidy
climate improves not only employee satisfaction but also their efficiency, as employees
prefer to work in a well-organized and tidy environment rather than a cluttered one.

24H on-call emergency handling
A day porter service can be on call 24 hours a day to help you with unexpected emergencies. Whether you have a commercial facility with expensive equipment or a professional company with sophisticated equipment that needs maintenance, daytime porter services can help you at the first sign of trouble; they can help you get back to daily operations in a pinch. If you have some equipment problems or need to do extensive cleaning at night, the daytime porter will be there first. Call Us Today For A FREE Quote at 617-935-0246

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