Significance of Porter Service

Significance of Porter Service | Get Porter Cleaning Services In Boston

Significance of Porter Service

Do you wish you could rely on someone to help you with day-to-day facility duties—someone who could restock soap supplies, clean up spills, and keep toilets clean? 

It looks like you need a porter. A porter can ensure that your employees, clients, and visitors are satisfied with the standards of cleanliness in your facility in Boston, MA.

Are Porters Different from Janitors?

While the roles and responsibilities of a porter and janitor often overlap, they are not quite the same.

A porter is in charge of cleaning the common areas of your facility, as well as running errands and managing other miscellaneous jobs. Although cleaning is an essential component of their service, they focus on touch-ups rather than complete makeovers. 

In other words, a porter will clean the frequently touched surfaces but will not thoroughly clean your entire facility. The latter is the responsibility of a janitor. You can hire janitors exclusively for cleaning purposes.

Janitors usually arrive at your facility when there is less traffic so that they can clean every nook and cranny of the building without causing any disruptions to your daily business operations. On the other hand, a porter is available to clean up spills and perform other minor jobs throughout the day.

Why Does Your Facility Need Porter Service?

Porters are a facility’s unsung heroes. Let’s take a look at why the services of a porter are vital for your Boston facility and how they can help you keep your business humming.

1. They make your facility look top-notch.

A customer determines whether or not to use your services based on the cleanliness of your facility. They will most likely refuse to do business with you if your carpets are soiled and the workstations are cluttered. To make an excellent first impression, you need to keep your facilities clean and well-maintained 24/7—and this is where a porter comes in handy.

Since facilities receive a significant footfall, they get dirty pretty quickly. However, if you have a porter at your disposal, you can ensure that no one knows about your dirty secrets! With porter services, both your facility and your reputation can stay squeaky clean.

2. They enhance the safety of your facility.

Cluttered doorways and hallways are the most common causes of workplace trips and falls. If one of your employees or visitors suffers a slip and fall injury at your commercial premises, you could be held liable for their damages and related losses. 

With porter service, these nightmares will never become a reality. Porters ensure everything is in its proper place and remove all the tripping hazards to prevent accidents. They are also in charge of dealing with lighting issues, such as blown bulbs. They ensure that all areas of your facility are well lit, reducing the risk of falls and slips and other workplace accidents even more.

3. Their services are customizable.

The best part about the porter service is that you can tailor all porter’s tasks. Their services are flexible, and you can pick what you want based on the needs of your Boston facility. The porter you hire will also be qualified and trained to handle the jobs unique to your facility. As a result, you will not have to worry about subpar results. They will also perform all of their jobs quickly and efficiently without interfering with your business processes.

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