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Commercial Cleaning Services in Cambridge, MA

Metrokleen|MKMaintX is the perfect solution for commercial cleaning services in Cambridge, MA, and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s your office, store, hostel, hotel, business, or shopping center.


Our expert commercial cleaning team provides Janitorial Services, Floor Care, Window Cleaning, Dusting and Wiping, Trash Removal, and office cleaning using top-notch products and attention to detail. We’re committed to keeping your space spotless, whether you own a business, work in healthcare, run a gym, or are part of the entertainment industry.

Facilities Maintenance

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Electrical

We know just what you need with many years of experience in the commercial cleaning services and facility maintenance solutions..

Call us today at (617) 935-0246 or contact us online to get started!

Commercial Janitorial Services

In the bustling city of Cambridge, MA, Metrokleen|MKMaintX is here to provide you with reliable commercial janitorial services. We go above and beyond to ensure your space is clean and well-maintained. Our services include keeping restrooms spotless, efficiently removing trash, and taking care of the overall facility.

Whether you have an office or a corporate facility, our dedicated cleaners team is always ready to create a clean and welcoming environment. We are committed to making your cleaning experience hassle-free, so you can focus on your business and enjoy a space that reflects positively on your property.

Commercial Janitorial Services​
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Commercial Floor Care

Metrokleen|MKMaintX specializes in providing commercial floor care solutions perfectly designed to the unique needs of spaces in Cambridge, MA. Our range of services includes routine maintenance, deep cleaning, and specialized treatments. We take care of every detail, from vacuuming to carpet cleaning (including hardwood and tile) and preserving the luster of hard floors.

This systemic approach significantly contributes to your business space’s overall cleanliness and enduring appeal. Recognize that floor care is a crucial and meticulous element in maintaining a consistently clean and welcoming environment.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Enhance the brightness and clarity of your space with Metrokleen|MKMaintX top-notch commercial window cleaning services in Cambridge, MA. The committed Commercial Cleaning team prioritizes delivering thorough and professional window cleaning solutions specifically tailored for businesses.

With our advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning equipment, we promise to give you windows that look nice and shiny. This will let a lot of natural light come in and make your surroundings brighter. Our main aim is to ensure your area gleams with cleanliness, establishing a welcoming ambiance for everyone.

Commercial Window Cleaning window treatment
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Metrokleen|MKMaintX commercial Cleaners are specialists in comprehensive commercial office and suite cleaning services in Cambridge, MA. We deeply understand the importance of maintaining a shining workspace, concentrating on desks, chairs, and communal areas.

Through our close attention to detail, we go beyond standard cleaning, transforming your offices into a welcoming environment that actively promotes enhanced productivity. Our dedicated team works hard to keep your suites and offices looking professional and tidy at all times.


Metrokleen|MKMaintX is the best option for keeping urgent care centers and hospitals clean in Cambridge, MA. We specialize in cleaning these environments and focus on making sure they are sanitized and hygienic. From waiting areas to patient rooms and doctors’ offices, we are very careful with every aspect of the cleaning process.

You can trust Metrokleen|MKMaintX, a cleaning company that is dedicated to maintaining a clean and safe healthcare environment. We are committed to cleanliness and want to contribute to the well-being of both patients and staff.

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Metrokleen|MKMaintX, based in Cambridge, MA, offers expertise to elevate the hygiene and attractiveness of your commercial shopping centers. Our dedicated cleaning team focuses on high-traffic areas, restrooms, and storefronts, meticulously maintaining a pristine and welcoming environment for shoppers.

Whether you need everyday cleaning or a thorough deep clean, Metrokleen|MKMaintX is here to provide reliable and efficient services. We are dedicated to making your commercial shopping experience better by keeping the place clean and positive for both shop owners and customers. You can rely on us to make sure your shopping center stays a nice and attractive place.


Improve the cleanliness of your gyms and recreational facilities with the trusted commercial cleaning services of Metrokleen|MKMaintX in Cambridge, MA. Our experienced team is skilled in keeping fitness and recreational spaces hygienic and clean.

We provide thorough and customized commercial cleaning solutions detailed to the unique needs of gyms, ensuring that equipment, floors, and communal areas maintain a consistently shiny and inviting appearance. With a dedicated focus on cleanliness and safety, we contribute to creating a positive and inviting space for gym enthusiasts.

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Metrokleen|MKMaintX in Cambridge, MA, is the go-to choice for film and TV set cleaning, promising a spotless and organized environment. Our dedicated team ensures cleanliness from set equipment to studio floors.

We follow cleaning methods that are approved by the industry and use good-quality products to make sure that your film or TV production environment is free from germs. Choose Metrokleen|MKMaintX for trustworthy and private cleaning services for your film and TV sets. Our dedication to excellence ensures that your sets have a clean and hygienic atmosphere.


In Cambridge, MA, Metrokleen|MKMaintX stands out as the go-to for maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of commercial banks and credit unions. Our comprehensive services include cleaning teller stations, waiting areas, and offices, with a specific focus on creating a pleasant and professional environment for your esteemed clients.

We use modern and advanced cleaning tools and pay very close attention to every little detail to make sure your bank or credit union looks clean and welcoming. This creates a nice atmosphere for both clients and staff.

A man is cleaning the door of Citizen Bank

additional services

Janitorial Services

Full-Service Janitorial Programs, [Daily, Weekly, Monthly] - Emergency Cleaning Services, Window Cleaning, Air Quality Specialist, Proper Sanitation of Key Areas.

Hard Surface Floor Care

Excellent Floor Care Services, Stripping & Refinishing, Buffing, Scrubbing & Recoating, Grout Cleaning & Sealing, Laminate Floor - VCT Floor - Wood Floor - Concrete, Reduce Potential slip & Fall Accidents, & Lower Maintenance Cost.

Carpet Care

Spot removal, Bonneting, Shampoo/ Deep Cleaning Encapsulation, Hot-water Extraction, Sanitizing & Improve Indoor Air Quality.

commercial cleaning sERVICES IN Cambridge cost

Metrokleen|MKMaintX provides affordable commercial cleaning solutions tailored to your business. Pricing is determined by factors such as services required, frequency, space size, cleanliness level, location, and extra services or supplies. Expect transparent and flexible pricing for a clean and welcoming environment.

Why Choose us

We provide exceptional commercial cleaning services in Cambridge, MA. There are several reasons why you should choose us for your commercial cleaning needs.

Experience and Expertise

At MetroKleen | MKMaintX, we have a wealth of expertise and experience in delivering exceptional services. With years of practical experience and ongoing training, we have developed a profound understanding of different environments, weather conditions, and effective techniques for commercial work.

Cost Savings

MetroKleen | MKMaintX services help to reduce maintenance costs in the long run. By conducting regular inspections and preventive maintenance, potential issues can be identified and addressed before they become major problems. This can help avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Personalized Approach

MetroKleen | MKMaintX places a strong emphasis on comprehending and meeting your distinct preferences and needs. Our dedicated team actively engages with clients, attentively listening to customers ideas and objectives. By doing this we also ensure the design and plan for commercial services.

Customer satisfaction

Our primary focus is your complete satisfaction. We believe in clear and transparent communication, keeping you informed at every step of the project. Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


We are committed to establish industry benchmarks for nationwide commercial cleaning services and facility maintenance solutions, we embrace new ideas and invest in our employees traning to provide best and proffesional services.

Quality Services

We provide high-quality commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services, using the latest methods, equipment, and environmentally friendly products to ensure well-maintained spaces.


You can easily book our services by contacting our customer service team or filling out the online booking form on our website.

We specialize in cleaning various commercial spaces, including offices, stores, hostels, hotels, businesses, gyms, recreational facilities, banks, credit unions, and shopping centers.


We offer a range of services including janitorial services, floor care, window cleaning, dusting and wiping, trash removal, and office cleaning.


We offer flexible scheduling options, including daily, weekly, or bi-weekly appointments, depending on your needs and preferences.

Yes, we provide specialized cleaning services tailored to various industries such as healthcare, entertainment, urgent care, gyms, banks, shopping centers, and more.

Yes, we use advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning agents to ensure environmentally responsible cleaning practices.

Yes, we are open to accommodating special cleaning requests such as post-construction cleanup, upholstery cleaning, and more. Simply let us know your specific requirements, and we’ll tailor our services accordingly.


The cost is influenced by factors such as the size of the space, location, additional services required, cleaning frequency, duration of the contract, labor and material costs, building characteristics, number of staff required, and level of customization.


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