Film & TV Set Cleaning

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Film & TV set cleaning

A Serious Business

As a studio or production company, you’ll know that a film or television set is where a lot of different elements come together: props, makeup, wardrobe, visual effects, and catering, to name a few. Cleaning of Film and TV set needs knowledge of the sector, and skill to meet the high expectations of production companies.

As you would expect, when large numbers of of actors and crew members are gathered in one place, keeping everything safe and clean can be a real challenge.

In a time where shooting can last from early morning until late at night, and production needs to stay on schedule, no one seems to have the time, energy or often skill and correct products to clean the set.

With recording times scheduled down to the minute, delays as a result of slow cleaning or incomplete cleaning is simply not an option and selecting MetroKleen careful consideration.

With more than 15 Years of experience in the commercial cleaning business, ​we know just what you need.

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