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Our company’s top priority is to provide top-notch professional commercial cleaning services to clients of all sizes and industries. With ten years of experience in the retail cleaning industry, we know that every space is unique and requires tailored cleaning solutions. Our dedicated team of cleaning professionals is committed to delivering exceptional cleaning services customized to meet your needs and specifications. We employ the latest cleaning techniques, equipment, and environmentally friendly solutions to keep your space clean and well-maintained. We pride ourselves on providing agile and flexible cleaning services that suit your business schedule and needs. Rest assured, you can always count on our team to deliver effective and efficient commercial cleaning services. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your space with the cleaning it deserves.

FAQ about MetroKleen top Commercial Cleaning Company Massachusetts

We know just what you need with many years of experience in the Commercial Cleaning business.

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Accordion SaWe provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services for a wide range of buildings, suites, and settings, including offices, medical offices, retail spaces, data centers, automobile dealerships, banks and financial institutions, daycare and learning centers, fitness centers, data centers, and more.mple Description
We professionally clean spaces of all sizes and types and in many different industry settings. We pride ourselves on delivering agile cleaning solutions for most situations.
Keeping your data center environment clean is essential for safety and performance. Utilizing a professional cleaning service offers quality, consistency, and efficiency that can only be achieved by trained professionals. Keep your employees focused on what they do best, and let us handle your critical care cleaning services.
Absolutely. We offer all options if you need a one-time cleaning service, a short-term contract, month-to-month services, an annual contract, or long-term commercial cleaning requirements.
We are not a franchise. We are a family-owned & operated company with over 15 years of professional cleaning experience. The company owners are available to speak with you whenever the need arises.
We communicate openly and honestly. A conversation with the company decision-makers is only a phone call away. Our goal is to be supportive and productive in finding solutions and resolutions to issues and concerns. We respond rapidly.
We pride ourselves on being an environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning company that uses green products and cleaning methods where possible. The best Boston cleaning company.
We train our workforce for strict adherence to OSHA safety guidelines in medical environments, including bloodborne pathogen training. Our process-oriented methods and the continuous improvement of our staff through training and consistent inspection set us apart. Incident prevention is a primary focus.
Yes. We operate 100% insured and bonded for our clients’ safety and peace of mind.
MetroKleen requires that employees sign a form indicating they are responsible for the keys to your building. If an employee quits or is terminated, they must immediately return the keys to our office. All our employees are professionally screened.
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