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Expert tips for cleaning shopping malls

Discover tips for Cleaning Shopping Malls from Professional Cleaners

Expert tips for cleaning shopping malls

Boston, Massachusetts
Shopping malls and complexes receive a significant amount of footfall throughout the day. In search of entertainment, shopping, and dining, thousands of people visit shopping malls every day. And now that most shopping centers have reopened post-COVID, the crowd has started
pouring in once again.

Due to this, shopping malls are in constant need of professional commercial cleaning services. They have to be cleaned thoroughly to maintain their safety and visual appeal and prevent the loss of clients and business leases. services provided by independently

In this blog, we are giving away some expert tips which will help you clean your shopping
center in Boston, MA, effectively and efficiently.

Have a detailed cleaning strategy – cleaning products
When it comes to cleaning large spaces like shopping malls and complexes, you cannot just grab a broom and mop and start sweeping. It would help if you had a proper cleaning strategy and plan to cover all the areas and have a stress-free cleaning experience. The strategy will help you move forward in an organized manner.

The plan should be detailed with realistic time allocated to all the areas because, unlike offices and homes, shopping malls cannot be cleaned within a few hours. Sticking to your plan will help you save time and equally focus on all areas.

Cleaning dirt at the entrance – disinfecting system
A spruced up shopping mall entrance complements the clean interiors. In fact, you should specifically pay attention to cleaning the entry points of your shopping malls because
they are the primary attraction points. A visually appealing and clean entrance will definitely drive the interest of the passersby. green cleaning

Besides, the entry and exit points are also areas that get untidy faster due to the huge rate of foot traffic. Therefore, they should be regularly cleaned. As the first line of defense, you can install a comprehensive mat at the entrance. The mat will trap debris, dirt, and moisture from people’s shoes and help you maintain the interior beauty of the mall.

Mops won’t work – cleaning times
Most companies offering commercial cleaning do not resort to mops to clean shopping malls because, surprisingly, mops are not the right cleaning equipment. They make cleaning even more time-consuming and labor-intensive. There is also an increased risk of accidents if you are using mops as they make floors wet.

A better alternative is vacuum cleaners as they efficiently clean the mall’s surface and make the process easier. Again, if you choose to call commercial cleaners, they’d have the right
equipment for better removal of contaminants from floors. boston cleaning

Opt for professional commercial cleaning services – customer satisfaction
Cleaning a space as vast as a shopping mall is indeed a Herculean task, and most of the time, people do not have the right equipment and skills to do this job successfully. Therefore, it is best to call in the experts. At MetroKleen, we offer professional commercial cleaning services to ensure your shopping center’s quality and proper sanitation. From the entrance to exit, we do not leave even a spot dirty and promise to leave your shopping mall spic and span! You can get in touch with us at 617-935-0246.

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